Maha...Prajna...Paramita...Hridaya...Sutra --_--

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, when practicing deeply
the Prajna Paramita, perceives that all five skandhas
are empty and is saved from all suffering and distress.

"Sariputra, form does not differ from emptiness;
emptiness does not differ from form.  That which is form
is emptiness; that which is emptiness,  form.  The same
is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

Sariputra, all dharmas are marked with emptiness.
They do not appear or disappear, are not tainted
or pure, do not increase or decrease.  Therefore ,
in emptiness, no forms, no feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness."

No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue,  no body, no
mind; no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch,
no object of mind, no realm of eyes, and so forth until
no realm of mind consciousness.  No ignorance and also
no extinction of it, and so forth until no old age and
death, and also no extinction of them.  No suffering , no
origination, no stopping, no path, no cognition.  also, no
attainment, with nothing to attain.

The Bodhisattva depends on Prajna Paramita and the mind
has no hindrance.  Without any hindrance, no fear exist.
Far apart from every distorted view, one dwells in Nirvana.

In the three world all Buddhas depend on Prajna
Paramita, and attain Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi.

Therefore, know that Prajna Paramita is the great
transcendent mantra, is the great bright mantra, is the
utmost mantra, is the supreme mantra which is able to relieve
all suffering and is true, not false.  So proclaim
the Prajna Paramita mantra, proclaim the mantra which

Gate, gate, Paragate, parasamgate, Bodi Swaha
Gate, gate, Paragate, parasamgate, Bodi Swaha
Gate, gate, Paragate, parasamgate, Bodi Swaha................

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